Monday, October 1, 2012

Catholic Meme of the Week: Atheist Fail (and the Success that Followed)

By Joseph Jablonski

So this appeared at the top of the Catholic Memes Facebook Page a couple of days ago. While it usually wouldn't constitute major meme domination, it caused such a stir that we had to feature it!

So you atheists that read my blog are flipping out screaming that a normal atheist isn't like this.

...if you read Gaudium Dei, then of course you, like many atheists, aren't like this. But the atheists that have their principles founded on little logic like to resort to such a mocking, disabling tone. Smarter atheists, just like smarter Christians, hold their rationale honestly and humbly; understanding where the limit of their knowledge ends. They also don't use ad hominems, like our friend Bob the Walking Fish.

Such was the disrespectful tendency of r/atheism on Reddit, as we all believed, when all of a sudden this meme appeared on their front page, and, to our utmost surprise, r/atheism humbled itself and became self-reflective. So we got some Reddit comments such as this:

I appreciate this comic as a cautionary tale, a way of saying We need to avoid being like this. 
On the other hand, if the goal of this comic is to say that ad hominem and strawman arguments are all atheists are putting out there, then I would take issue with that.
So then we Catholics were all like:

No, not Obama. Just the reaction. The form, not the matter (thanks Aristotle and Plato!).
So basically, the cultural peace and dialogue ideas we have been trying to get across here on Gaudium Dei were reflected by our fellows at r/atheism. Some, whose comments were voted up, took this as a sobering sign that they are alienating others through ignorance and insults, something this guy properly admits that everybody on both sides must avoid. Additionally, we agree with him and take issue with any idea that atheists just use ad hominems and strawmans: which this comic is most definitely not trying to put across as a message. In fact, anyone that uses just those shouldn't be taken seriously, regardless of belief or lack thereof.

When we think about it, this really is a little victory for dialogue, peace, and discussion, where a message was established by Christians, read by atheists, and encouraged the response of "Gee, we should think about this and respond intelligently and thoughtfully." The atheists at r/atheism should know we got their response, and, despite what may remain as perpetual disagreements, I think my respect for r/atheism just got voted up a couple of points. Job well done.

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  1. I don't think we humbled ourselves necessarily. I think it was a, 'yes, we are mean sometimes, but we are logical and if you stopped to talk we would show you that.'

    Just my take on it.