Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The "I Have A Say" Campaign

My "I Have A Say" video, where I detail how the battle
 against Planned Parenthood and the contraceptive mandate 
affects the true joy of God.  Like and Share!

One of the distinct marks of Catholicism (and at one point we have all seen it) is taking evil actions and campaigns, turning them around and using them to evangelize and spread the Good News of the Gospel. It is believed by some that the word "Christian" was first used as a derogatory term by Roman and Jewish authorities, before we used it to describe someone who had "put on Christ" (Romans 13:14). Tertullian is known to have remarked, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." Rock music, which was decried by ministers numerously times in the second half of the 20th century as the devil's music, has been made to do things like this

Enter Cecile Richards's campaign, "I Have A Say". Throwing lies about the HHS Mandate Hearing and the 98% statistic left and right, she encouraged women to spread support for birth control message by  "making a video about why you should have affordable access to birth control no matter who your employer is." The inherent meaning of this video is that Youtube should be filled with women explaining how they personally need this birth control, taking away fully from the debate about whether a religious employer should not be obligated to do such a morally contentious action. It's the same rhetoric we've always seen: all women obviously support the HHS Mandate, so they should be speaking up. The Church is a bunch of old, oppressive men trying to stop them. The tactic is to take a question of religious freedom and make it out to be an issue of woman's rights.

Fr. Hollowell: a priest that coaches football? No wonder he
 tackled  Planned Parenthood. 
Then, suddenly, Fr. John Hollowell shows up. He points out how he, as a man, Catholic priest, and someone who wasn't killed by abortion, still has a say. He proceeds to detail how Planned Parenthood and the Catholic Church are not merely opponents but sworn enemies.
"You better knock us out now. You and the president, in seeking to silence the Church, in seeking to silence those who also believe that they have a say: you and the president better knock us out right now. Because Cecile, I can promise you, here comes the Catholic Church."
His video (linked above) has gotten almost twice as many views than Sandra Fluke's video, and possibly even more views than all of the pro-contraceptive "I Have A Say" videos combined. And, as a result, a new campaign has been born: a campaign which foremost shows the simple joy of being able to "have a say" because we were born and not aborted. Stories about how Catholic women don't accept the culture of death, a culture of contraception and abortion, and how all Catholics have a say are now being found daily on the new blog Fr. John Hollowell set up for the campaign. Some additional response videos have been created, including mine that is at the top of the page.

Gaudium Dei obviously emphasizes a spirit of dialogue with others who disagree, including Pro-Choicers and supporters of the mandate, and that doesn't change with my strongly-worded video. By making this video I do not seek to judge any individual (although I talk about Cecile Richards, it is in her capacity as a representative of Planned Parenhood). But we here at Gaudium Dei say and believe that Planned Parenthood, in its realist approach to abortion, is an organization that is damaging the ideal of true joy. Just because we are enemies of an organization does not mean that we are sworn enemies of the women seeking abortion, abortionists, or supporters of the choice agenda. In fact, it means we must pray for them more frequently.

So Fr. John Hollowell aptly points out how we Catholics have a say in this debate. Are we using our right to a say when it comes to this issue of religious liberty? The fight of the Catholic Church here in America is on. We here at Gaudium Dei always encourage joyful witness to all. Exercise your right to have a say. Stand up for true joy.
Speaking of joyful witnessing, keep an eye on the March 23rd Rallies! Let's celebrate in the streets for religious liberty! www.standupforreligiousfreedom.com 

If you're from CUA, join the event on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/events/273258122754094/

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