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Abortion Activists Allege Alarming Abortion Analysis: Does outlawing abortion actually encourage it?

By David L

As some of you know, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade is coming up, so I thought it might be good to take a look at some pro-abortion media.
The blog post is taken from the website Jezebel, which describes itself as “a general interest women’s website” with a perspective that is "a little more irreverent and more critical than traditional women's media" (Read: anti-religious). Mr. Jablonski did a bit of investigative reporting, and discovered that Jezebel is run by Gawker Media, which also runs a porn blog. So I’m sure these guys are completely against the objectification of women and all that. Mildly shady background there, guys…

"Roe v. World"
Basic gist of the article: There are fewer abortions per birth in North America and Europe, where abortion is legal, than in South America and Africa, where it is banned. Ergo, banning abortion = more abortion. Now, as anyone who knows anything about statistics can tell you, this involves a logical fallacy, as correlation does not necessarily mean causation. In other words, just because places share the characteristic of banning abortion, does not mean that this is the reason for their having fewer abortions. North America and Europe also both have primarily white populations; if we were to say “North America and Europe have fewer abortions because they have white people,” it would be flat-out racist, but just as logically sound (which is to say, not logical at all). It’s far more likely that the abortion rates have much more to do with social and economic reasons than legality.
Furthermore, the post relies on a relativistic premise by which abortion is not in itself seen to be a violation of a person’s rights (the rights of the fetus). The point is totally moot if we consider the fetus a person. It’s like if there were a similar blog post showing that in certain regions that had legalized slavery, there were fewer killings, and for this reason we should legalize slavery. “I’m not personally in favor of slavery,” they might say, “but we’ve got to legalize it and get it out in the open, under proper conditions. Otherwise we’ll have secret sweat shops where slaves are given no protection whatsoever.” I can’t help but be reminded of pro-slavery arguments in the antebellum South saying that slaves enjoy better living conditions than African-American free people in the north, and so people who truly cared for African-Americans should permit slavery. In this light, Jezebel’s point is devoid of logic. Laws exist to protect rights. We establish laws granting equal protection to everyone, and do not withdraw that protection based on circumstance.The blog does raise one important point, however: “[A]n unwanted pregnancy can be horrible and terrifying and a desperate woman who wants to be unpregnant will seek abortion regardless of its legality, regardless of its safety.” This is a point, I believe, that is not given enough priority by some anti-abortion supporters. Many girls that have abortions done are scared, pressured by many outside influences (including, in many cases, the father of the unborn child), and feel that abortion is the last resort. It’s a situation that many men can’t fully appreciate, but must try to. Women and girls in this situation must know that there are safe places that can offer help in keeping their child (my high school did some work with this one). Catholic Charities is one example of a larger, national organization giving extensive help to pregnant teenagers . Nonjudgmental help and compassion for girls and women with unexpected pregnancies is an imperative companion to legislative action banning abortion. While legislative action is important in establishing equal protection under law to both the born and unborn, this compassion is necessary to protect the health of women and their children still in the womb. Furthermore, if we see a young, pregnant girl in school or in our neighborhood, we cannot think of her as a promiscuous girl who is sleeping around; rather, our primary reaction should be one of profound respect for a young woman courageous enough to keep her child despite the incredibly heavy burden that responsibility and society place on her. In short, we must Love them Both.

Seen at a pro-life march. Not seen: judgement.

This Monday is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Thousands of pro-lifers will be peacefully demonstrating in several American cities, including Washington, D.C. So please pray for us.

That was a ridiculously long post. You deserve some happy music. Cheers!

[Note: I know I'm expected to be the more humorous half of the GD team. I promise a more lighthearted post soon.]

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